Spanish Property "Land Grab" facts

May 6th, 2005

“Land grab” involves the compulsory payment of land or cash by Spanish property owners as a contribution towards infrastructure costs such as mains water, sewage, roads etc. Although it has captured the headlines “land grab” only affects a tiny minority of Spanish property owners and need not affect anyone who takes proper independent legal advice from a Spanish Property Solicitor.

The issue revolves around three different classifications of land, land already urbanised, land suitable for urbanisation and rural land. The “land grab” law was originally introduced to prevent individual owners of Spanish property in areas that have been re classified standing in the way of developments that would benefit the whole community. The law obliges the Spanish property owner, in recognition of the fact that the value of their property will increase significantly, to contribute in land or cash towards the cost of developing an infrastructure.

The good news is that “land grab” only affects Spanish property owners in certain areas of Valencia where the law was badly drafted. The vast majority of Spain does not suffer from this problem. An independent local spanish property Solicitor will be able determine whether or not a particular property will be susceptible to “land grab”.

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