EEAU Warns Homebuyers

March 28th, 2007

The European Estate Agents Union is warning homebuyers in Spain to double check their property has planning permission before they buy a new home.

It follows an investigation by the EEAU into several companies working in the Albox region of Spain and the expulsion of one company from the organisation.

The EEAU is concerned Brits looking to buy abroad aren’t aware of the issues that could turn their dream property into a nightmare.

They’ve been contacted by a number of concerned homebuyers who have bought properties in areas like Almeria and Almanzora only to find out their home doesn’t have planning permission.

Hundreds of homes have been built on agricultural land and don’t have a licence of first occupancy. Some homes have had to be knocked down

Andy Marchant, co-founder of the EEAU, says: “When people buy homes abroad they often think it’s the same as buying property in the UK. Spanish property law is complex and you need a good independent solicitor working for you.”

“Many people look at spending hundreds of thousands of pounds in Spain on a dream home yet don’t employ an independent lawyer. By doing a little research and finding a good lawyer, you can make the homebuying process easier and ensure your villa abroad becomes a cherished home.”

“There are warning signs. Look out for properties which don’t have tarmac roads, those which aren’t connected to utility mains or properties that seem a great deal cheaper than others in the area. You can also contact the EEAU for help and advice if you’re unsure about a property development.”

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