Study Reveals Strong Interest in Spanish Property

December 19th, 2008

Real estate business portal, Globaledge recently published the results of what it claims is the biggest ever study into global demand for overseas property. The study analysed 1.4 million English-language searches undertaken on Google during September 2008 and employed a team of researchers to categorise the information into regional and country categories.

According to the study, the most popular overseas property destination among English-speaking internet users is Spain. Searches for Spain and its towns and regions outstripped France, which came second, by a ratio of over two to one. “Most people in the overseas property industry would put France and Spain on a par, but these results suggest Spanish property is considerably more popular than previously thought” says Rigg. Among the most popular locations in Spain are Tenerife, Mallorca and Costa Blanca.

The most surprising finding in the study is arguably the lowly position of Portugal which came bottom of the list of 11 countries and regions with only 3% of the searches. Explaining the findings Rigg says “Although Portugal is often considered a top overseas property destination; it’s more of a niche market than many people think. It doesn’t get the tourist numbers of France, Spain or Italy and the perception among consumers is that it’s expensive place to buy property.”

Position Country/Region Sept Volume % of Total
1 Spain 393,617 27.9%
2 France 184,102 13.1%
3 Italy 129,396 9.2%
4 Middle East 121,835 8.6%
5 Central & South America 113,434 8.0%
6 Bulgaria 103,516 7.3%
7 Cyprus 101,121 7.2%
8 Caribbean 79,195 5.6%
9 Eastern Europe (ex Bulgaria) 75,636 5.4%
10 Turkey 65,297 4.6%
11 Portugal 42,465 3.0%

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