Europe’s Recovery Jig: Time to Act?

September 22nd, 2009

The news this week is mostly about how the European economy is doing a shaky little recovery jig. So, should you be thinking about property in Spain yet? Maybe: But you should do this first.

I think the best coverage is in this NY Times article: Eurozone at a Turning Point, and this article reported on the Nasdaq web site: Spanish Property: Correction Bottoming Out.

If you have the time and inclination, do check out the What do the two Edwards think? notes at the end of the NY Times article.

Increasingly, I’ve found myself including articles written by Edward Hugh on the Spanish economy, and Edward Harrison on the global economy: I like them for two reasons:

  1. They both seem to know what they’re talking about
  2. They’re not selling anything – beyond establishing their own credibility & reputation

The drawback of these kind of articles is that they can be rather long-winded and a bit technical: So, I’ll try to find more middle-of-the-road sources to tell the story, and I’ll be quoting the two Edwards when I think their comments add further perspective or information.

Keep an eye out for What do the two Edwards think? at the end of articles if you want to do some further digging.

Both Mark Stucklin (of and me are often criticised for being too downbeat about the property market in Spain: However, this week, even Mark has a cheery tale to tell – almost.

In Spanish Property Bottomed Out – For Now, Mark presents data which shows that the bottom of the market may be at hand.

So, should you be thinking about property in Spain yet? Maybe: But you should do this first.

Pop over to Eye On Spain and get their series of Spain Uncut videos for €47.

Yes, Kyero will make a small commission if you do that, but that’s not why I’m recommending it. You should get these videos to help guard against making expensive mistakes when you move to Spain.

Lat week, I watched the 23 bite-sized segments of How To videos – totalling almost 7 hours. They are not slick productions, but they are more than professional enough to convey essential first-hand, been-there, done-it information.

Here’s what you get for €47:

  • 1. In The Beginning
  • 2. Why We Moved
  • 3. Choosing The Location
  • 4. Making The Move
  • 5. Arriving In Spain
  • 6. The Dreaded Paperwork
  • 7. All About Schools
  • 8. Healthcare
  • 9. Banks & Money
  • 10. Spanish Property
  • 11. Raising Finance
  • 12. Finding Work
  • 13. Working For Yourself
  • 14. Learning The Lingo
  • 15. Getting To Know The Spanish
  • 16. Making Friends
  • 17. The Cost Of Living
  • 18. Community Living
  • 19. Levels Of Integration
  • 20. Customer Service
  • 21. Coping With Homesickness
  • 22. Endurance & Returning “Home”
  • 23. What We Would Have Done Differently

Check out the introductory video for yourself and see what you think.

Finally, switching back to this week’s news. The Spanish government admits that they put a way-too-rosy spin on the depth of the recession in Spain in No More False Hopes.

Spanish banks are again in the news as they try and raise some much-needed funds – Santander style: Spanish Banks in Search of Capital.


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