Minimum Driving Age in Spain Will Drop to 17

Driving AgeThe Director General of Spain’s General Directorate of Traffic (DGT), Pere Navarro, has said that the minimum age to have a driver’s license in Spain will be reduced to 17 years, but said that the change is neither “a priority or urgent, nor is it imminent”.

Before participating in the second occurence of the “Ponle Freno” (Put Your Brakes On) awards’, a Road Safety initiative promoted by the Spanish television station Antena 3, Navarro acknowledged that the General Directorate of Traffic is carefully considering the accident data from countries where 17 years olds are already able to take a driving test and hold a licence, such as in the USA.

“The United States system is not an ideal model for Spain in terms of driving. We are concentrating much more on the Nordic countries, Holland and France” said Navarro, who noted that the North America has “twice as many accidents per million inhabitants as Spain.” Although he admitted that “in the end we will see an age drop here,” but continued to stress that “at present, it is not high on the agends of the DGT.”

In a previous quote, during the inauguration of a traffic workshop organized by IE Business School, regarding Company Road Safety”,  Navarro had said that the DGT has “no plans to implement this measure “in the coming six months”, while noting that it is “impossible” to predict whether it will launch in the next two years.