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November 27th, 2011

We’ve been hard at work for the last 6 weeks or so – fixing bugs and creating new features.  As I mentioned before, we’d normally prefer to be releasing features in smaller batches and more frequently – but this lot all conspired to interact with each other and we couldn’t launch one without another, which depended on yet another ..

That said, we’ve just deployed a whole slew of bug-fixes, improvements and new features.  Here are the highlights:

New build properties moved

Old navigation

New navigation

You’ll notice that the main navigation of Kyero (the top tabs) no longer contains one for ‘New Build Property’.  Estate agents and visitors alike were confused by the way we had separated them out previously.

New searchNow, new build properties are included in the results for properties for sale. There’s a ‘new build’ check-box on the property search for visitors, and, for estate agents, a similar change in their control panel.

For agents updating their properties via an XML feed, there are no changes required, and our export feed specification has also remained unaltered.

This sounds like a fairly simple change but it touched virtually every line of code of Kyero – and took much longer to code and test than we had anticipated – lesson learned.

Agents can select enquiry form type

Enquiry form settings

Estate agents can now select their own enquiry form types from Account > Settings.  They can select a different enquiry form for properties for sale, long term lets, and holiday rentals.

More agent bug fixes

Better reportingA while ago we managed to break the agent graphs so that they no longer displayed the actual number when hovered over.

This has now been fixed and the numbers themselves simplified.

Email updates about upgrade credits

Another one for estate agents.  When we send out the regular Tuesday activity report email, we now include information about the balance of their upgrade credits.

As soon as this exceeds €20, we now include a note in the email so agents can keep a track of how their credits are accumulating and perhaps plan what to spend them on.

Faster Kyero

We recently upgraded all of our application servers and filled them to capacity with memory.  Alas, Kyero is a victim of its own success and it is handling almost 50% more traffic now than this time last year.

In order to make sure that visitors continue to receive snappy response times, we’ve installed a new service called Varnish.

It complements our existing application caching (Memcached) and stores commonly used bits of web pages in memory in the application servers themselves.

This saves the trip across our backbone network to our file servers and back again – resulting in a faster web page load time – and happier visitors.


All in all, those updates took us about six weeks of solid coding, and involved building and testing 65 different features and bug fixes.

We’ll endeavor to work in shorter release cycles from now on, keeping thing simpler and avoiding shaving those Yaks!

Please open a support ticket if you notice any problem or have any questions.


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