Spain No. 1 in Europe for Use of Smartphones

June 5th, 2012

Spain ranks first in a European survey on the use of smartphones. Specifically, 55.2% of Spain’s mobile users have a smartphone. Despite having the highest percentage for use of smartphones, in the analysis of applications Spain only holds the top position in music consumption, remaining behind the UK in the other categories.

The mobile market continues to thrive and smartphones are gaining ground. The company comScore conducted a study of the consumption of mobile devices in March to find out the situation in the main European markets, Germany, Spain, France, Italy and the UK. The study showed that the latest mobile phones already have user rates of higher than half in some markets, confirming its success.

The average European penetration of the smartphone is 47.6%. However, according to comScore, the average for Spain, where there is a higher use of smartphones, is 55.2%. In close second place is the United Kingdom, with 55%.

With lesser smartphone penetration are France, with 44.7% and Italy with 45.3%. Of those countries analysed, Germany had the lowest level of smartphone penetration with a rate of 41%.

Although Spain is leading in the percentages of smartphone use, the activity analysis shows that the UK is the European country with the highest rates of use except in one field, music reproduction.

In the use of applications, 52.2% of UK smartphone users use them. Behind them is Spain, with 47.1%, followed by France with 37.4% and Germany with 37.1%. Italy closes the ranking with 35.3%.

On browser use, the UK leads again with 52.7% and Spain again comes in second place with 44.8%. France with 40%, Italy with 35.4 and Germany with 34.7%, complete the classification in this field.

With 37.6%, Britain also leads in the use of games. Spain lags behind at 33.1%, closely followed by Italy with 32.9%. The Germans and French are those who least play games with their smartphones, with only 26.9% and 18% respectively.

An interesting aspect of the comScore report is on the sending of messages from the smartphone, which is the most widespread activity among users throughout Europe. The European average comes to 83.6%, which is clearly surpassed by the United Kingdom, where 91.9% of smartphone users confirm this activity. In this case the Spanish occupied the penultimate position with 79.6%, surpassing only the Germans, who had 79.2%. France also stood out in this field in second place with 86.3%.

According to comScore, the Spanish listen to songs most from their smartphones, with 37.7%. The United Kingdom with 29%, and Germany with 27.9%, are the only countries that came close to the Spanish rate of use.

Finally, El Economista reported that access to social networks and blogs from smartphones is also an activity lead by the United Kingdom, with 39.2%. Spain retained the second position with 31.1%, followed by France with 24.9%.


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