Spanish Pessimistic Over Economic Situation

December 26th, 2012

According to the latest Eurobarometer survey published by the European Commission, 98% of Spanish citizens believe that their country’s economic situation is “all bad”, which places Spain among the most pessimistic countries of the European Union, only surpassed by Greece, where 99% of respondents also rated the state of the Greek economy as bad.

The survey, conducted in the twenty seven Member States, reflects a more optimistic view from Europeans as a whole as, on average, in most EU States the majority think that their country’s economy is going through a good time and only 27% of Europeans, when asked about their country’s economy, responded that they thought it was ‘bad’.

Sweden, Germany and Luxembourg corner the classification for most optimistic countries, where their citizens consider that their economy is “all good” by 75%, 75% and 70%, respectively.

On the other hand, El Economista reported that 74% of the Spanish fear that the worst of the crisis is yet to come as far as employment is concerned, which is above the European average of 62%.

The countries where the majority of its citizens fear the crisis will further damage employment are: Cyprus (88%), Portugal (79%), Greece (78%) and Belgium (78%).

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