Christmas Lights Spending Down 21% This Year

The average amount town councils have spent on Christmas lighting this year has fallen by 21% compared to 2011, reaching 209,247 euros, ranging from 1.52 million euros in Madrid to 10,000 euros for León.

According to a report prepared by the Association for Civil and Social Economic Rights (Adeces), this decrease is mainly due to budgetary adjustments undertaken by the municipalities and the greater collaboration of retailers to help cover the cost of the Christmas lighting.

The study shows that the expenditure in Bilbao was zero, because the lights are owned by the town council, and similarly in San Sebastian de los Reyes (Madrid), because the company in charge of street lighting also installs the Christmas lights.

The average cost per citizen stands at 76 cents, 14% less than in 2011 (88 cents) and 44% less than in 2009 (1.37 euros).

Zaragoza, at 6.52 cents per inhabitant, and León, at 7.53 cents, are the cities with the lowest cost per capita, while Melilla, with 2.88 euros per inhabitant, and Ceuta, with 2.33 euros, are the highest.

Moreover, El Mundo reported that the energy costs are expected to reach an average of 5,781 euros, down by 36% compared to 2011, and ranging from 22,500 euros in Tarragona to 1,106 euros in Pamplona.

According to the same source, the commitment to more efficient lighting will reduce the average kilowatt hours consumed by 16% to 38,815 euros.

Adeces regrets that this efficiency does not transfer to other elements, for example, the number of days that the Christmas lights remain on, which is around 34, and which represents an increase of 12% compared to 2008 and of 1.5% compared to last year.

The number of hours cities remain illuminated has also increased, to an average of 195 hours, which is 0.14% more than in 2011.