Iberia Unions Call Six Days of Strikes Before Christmas

On Monday this week the main Iberia unions, except the pilots’ union SEPLA, presented to the Directorate General of Employment, a call for six days of strikes in December, in protest against the restructuring plan of the company, which foresees cutting 4,500 jobs. The planned strike dates are 14th, 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st December.

The strike call was announced on Thursday last week by the airline unions UGT, CCOO, USO, Asetma, Sictpla and CTA-Vuelo, who complained that the plan submitted by the company would mean the dismantling of Iberia.

After the meeting to formalise the strike call, the President of Iberia, Antonio Vázquez, sent an email to Iberia customers to defend the plan to “slim down” the airline.

In addition, Vázquez said he regretted the calling of the strike, stating that it “should be the last option in a negotiation process that they have not even been willing to start” and showed his desire to reach a negotiated solution.

El Economista reported that the Tourism Bureau said on Monday that the strike called by the Iberia unions for December shows a “harmful” image of Spain at Christmas and could threaten the very survival of this airline.

Meanwhile, bus companies are planning to launch special reinforcements in order to “meet the mobility needs of passengers” that are estimated to arise due to the strikes in the air and rail sectors. The road transport company plans to make about 50,000 additional places available on its various services to offer a “travel alternative” on 14th December.