Wecome to Kyero in Simplified Chinese (欢迎光临到Kyero以简体中文)

December 3rd, 2012

Kyero is now available in Simplified Chinese.

Along with traditional Chinese characters, Simplified Chinese is one of the two standard character sets of the modern Chinese written language.

Simplified Chinese is officially used in the People’s Republic of China and Singapore.

Traditional Chinese is currently used in Hong Kong, Macau, and Republic of China (Taiwan).

While Simplified Chinese is the name of the character set, the language of China is Mandarin.

Mandarin (literally “speech of officials”) is a group of dialects spoken across most of northern and southwestern China.

When Mandarin dialects are grouped as a single language, it has around 1,000,000,000 (one billion) native speakers – more than any other language.

This first release of Kyero.com in Simplified Chinese has been machine translated via our localization engine for Rails apps.

Expect some clunkiness and less-than-ideal translations until we can get them reviewed and revised by professional translators.

Next up: Japanese!


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