Spain Brand – Second in World Tourism Sector Ranking

January 24th, 2013

While the Spanish Government have highlighted the promoting of the ‘Spain Brand’ as a top priority, there are areas where much of the work has already been done. According to the annual tourism edition of the Country Brand Ranking report, prepared by Bloom Consulting, Spain is ranked second in the world for its tourism brand in 2012, behind only the United States, and places ahead of France, China and Turkey, maintaining the same position as in the previous year.

The study measures the effectiveness of brand strategy in 160 countries in the tourism sector and 161 in the commercial sector, evaluating separately their ability to attract foreign investment and tourists, as well as the “intangible value” of each brand and its subsequent impact on the country’s GDP. It also analyses the official statistics of each country, and its annual growth rate over the past five years.

In addition, ABC News reported that for the first time Bloom has included an analysis of Online Search Demand which measures demand among tourists through brand tags and keyword searches on the Internet. It evaluates how well positioned countries are in the biggest search engines and how searched they are by tourists in general. It also looks at what potential visitors and investors are seeking, to determine how well the country is matching this demand.

Asian countries have a strong presence in the tourism brand ranking, with eight of them being among the top 25, including China (4th), Macao (8th), Thailand (16th) and Malaysia (14th). Japan, however, only ranks in 28th place. Spain lost two positions in the ranking which analyses trading activity, where it occupies the thirteenth position. The United States lead in this ranking, followed by Luxembourg and China.

Spain’s brand recognition comes at a good time for the tourism sector. As recently announced by the Minister for Industry, Jose Manuel Soria, last year Spain received a total of 57.9 million tourists, which represented an increase of 3% over the previous year. Total expenditure by international tourists amounted to 55,777 million euros, a 5.9% increase, while the average spending per person rose by 2.7% to 968.8 euros, and the average daily expenditure per visitor increased by 6.8% and stood at 109.5 euros.

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