Spain Received 2.7 Million Foreign Tourists in January

February 26th, 2013

According to the latest tourist border movements survey data released on Friday from Frontur, Spain received 2.7 million foreign tourists in January, which is 2.6% less than a year ago. Italy was the source market that most contributed to this decline, with 68,000 fewer tourists visiting Spain, representing a drop of 29.3%, while visitors from the United Kingdom and Germany (first and third source markets in January) were down 4.6% and 6%, respectively. Madrid was the region which noted almost half of the UK market decline, while the bulk of the German descent was felt in the Canary Islands.

By contrast, although not compensating for the declines in the rest of the markets, the Nordic countries, France and other distant markets experienced growth. France, the month’s second largest source market, experienced an increase of 6.7%, continuing the upward trend shown in 2012, with Catalonia being the destination for most of this flow of tourists.

Diario Sur reported that the Nordic countries maintained their 2012 growth trend and recorded an increase of 12.1%, which was mainly focused on the Canary Islands and Catalonia. The Canary Islands, typically a winter destination accounting for the greatest number of arrivals, registered a decrease of 5.9%, mainly due to the lower number of German travellers.

Andalusia and Madrid also registered declines, of 8.2% and 6.6%, respectively, while the Balearic Islands lead with a significant increase of 16%, reaching 99,000 tourists. Catalonia grew by 2.6%, following the significant increases in 2012, and Valencia climbed 10.2%, due mainly to the arrival of a greater number of French and British tourists.

Tourist arrivals by air, 81.6% of the total, were down 3.4% in January, while arrivals by road rose 5.3%. Hotel accommodation maintained its steady rate of arrivals in relation to the figures reported a year ago, while non-hotel accommodation fell by 6.4%.

The number of tourists who contracted a tour package slightly increased, while those who chose other forms of trip fell by 3.7%.



  1. 01/03/13 14:58   Steven Cahill

    One thing is for sure Spain needs a great year. And a lot of foreign investment from both tourists are foreigners looking to move to Spain.

    As a Spanish citizen I really hope things do pick up as its a beautiful country which such great culture.

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