68% of Spanish Companies Had Websites in 2012

According to a study by the Economic Research Institute, based on statistics gathered from Eurostat, 68% of Spanish companies had their own website in 2012, which is up from the 62% they had in 2010 but is still three points below the European average, which stands at 71%. The study also indicates that, in the EU-27, an average of 71% of businesses had a website in 2012, compared to 67% in 2010.

ABC News reported that the countries that had faired better in this section were those from the north and the centre of the EU. Specifically, 91% of Finnish companies have websites, followed by Sweden and Denmark, both with 89%. The Netherlands reached 84%, while in Germany and Austria 82% of companies had a website in 2012. The UK reached 81% and the Czech Republic was the country best placed among the recently added member states, with 80%. Slovenia and Luxembourg scored 77%, while Belgium and Slovakia recorded 76%. Estonia (75%), Ireland (74%), Malta (73%) and Lithuania (71%) are also at or above the European average.

By contrast, Poland is below the European average, with 68%, level with Spain. Italy, Greece and France reached rates of around 65%, while the figures dropped to 52% in Portugal, 43% in Bulgaria and 36% in Romania.