Hotel Occupancy Down 5.2% in January

Overnight stays in Spanish hotels totalled 11.9 million in January, which is 5.2% less than for the same month of 2012, and is mainly due to the 12.4% drop in domestic tourism to 4.4 million overnight stays. The number of overnight stays by foreign tourists fell by 0.4% and stood at 7.5 million, according to data released on Friday by the National Statistics Institute.

In January, the average stay per guest was 3.2 nights, 2.9% higher than a year earlier, while the Hotel Price Index fell by 1%, compared with a decrease of 1.6% registered in December and 0.1% from a year earlier. The average cost per occupied room was 67.7 euros, practically the same as in January 2012, and the income per available room fell by 4.1% and stood at 27.5 euros.

As for rates of occupancy, in January 35.9% of the places available were filled, 3.7% lower than a year earlier, while the weekend occupancy rate was 37.8%, which was 5.5% lower. Travellers from Germany accounted for 25% of all overnight stays, which is down 8.2% compared with January 2012, while the UK market grew by 6.1% and accounted for 21.5% of the total of overnight stays. The number of nights spent in Spanish hotels by Italian tourists fell by 28.7%, while overnight stays by Swedish and French tourists increased by more than 10%.

The Canary Islands was the main destination for international tourists, accounting for 59.6% of all overnight stays, and with an increase of 0.7%. Catalonia came next, with an 11.3% share of the total, and an improvement of 1.2%, then Andalusia, with 9.6% of overnight stays by non-residents and a decrease of 3.1%.

Diario Sur reported that the main preferred destinations for travellers living in Spain were Andalusia, Madrid and Catalonia, which registered declines in overnight stays, year-on-year, of 15.8%, 13.2% and 13.6%, respectively. The Canary Islands was the region with the highest occupancy rate per available place in January (69.2%), followed by the Balearic Islands (39.5%) and Madrid (36.5%).