Long Distance Rail Journeys Up 9.5% in April

The train is gaining ground in long-distance journeys, compared to other modes of transport. In April, the use of rail for longer journeys grew by 9.5% over the same month of 2012, while the number of travellers who chose the bus for such routes was down 13.5% and air passenger traffic fell by 16.1%. The increase in the use of public transport in April was particularly noted on routes within cities, with a growth of 7.8%.

Specifically, the number of passengers using the bus, tram or funiculars to get around the cities rose by 9.9%. All cities (Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Valencia, Seville and Palma) increased their users (by an average of 4.9%) except in the Andalusian capital. The city which gained most travellers was Bilbao, which transported 15% more people than in the same month last year.

On the intercity routes, the form of transport which showed most growth was the bus (7.6%), and although it lost in the longer distance journeys against the train, for middle distance trips it increased by 0.5% and short journeys by 11.8%. The number of rail users also increased for middle distance trips (0.7%), but fell by 3.6% for short trips.

The use of public transport as a whole grew by 6.5% in April compared to 2012, and by 3.5% compared with March. The latter figure is the highest in the last five years.

Malaga to New York Direct with Delta

On other transport news, Delta Airlines on Saturday resumed their direct flights between Málaga and New York. The company are initially operating four flights a week (1,700 seats), which will increase to five from 1st of August.

The company stated that this route is popular among leisure travellers and that they have already registered a significant demand. Last year Delta carried more than 22,000 passengers between Málaga and the United States in their summer season service, recording an average occupancy rate on this route of 85%.