Unemployment in Spain Down for Third Consecutive Month

Unemployment in Spain has dropped for the third consecutive month, falling by 98,265 people in May, and represents the largest decline for this month in the comparable series, according to data released earlier this week by the Ministry of Employment and Social Security.

This decrease represents a drop of 1.97% compared to April, and brings the total number of people unemployed in Spain to 4,890,928.

Traditionally, this month is lower for unemployment, with the only rise in this month within the historical series being recorded for May 2008, when unemployment increased by just over 15,000 people. The decrease in unemployment of 98,265 recorded in May of this year, triples the decline recorded for the month of May 2012, when unemployment fell by 30,113 people.

According to the Ministry of Employment data, unemployment fell in May in both sexes, but more so for men, with male unemployment falling by 61,150 (-2.5%), compared to a drop of 37,115 in female unemployment (-1.5%), bringing the totals unemployed to 2,485,435 for women and 2,405,493 for men.

Unemployment fell in all sectors in May, especially in the service sector, where it dropped by 61,336 (-1.97%). Construction recorded 18,637 fewer unemployed (-2.5%), while agriculture had 9,405 fewer unemployed (-4.5%), industry registered a reduction of 8,851 people (-1.6%) and in the group without a previous job there were 36 less unemployed (-0.01%).

By age, the quantitative decrease in unemployment is mainly concentrated on the over-25s, with 81,530 fewer unemployed, while among those under 25 years, unemployment fell by 16,735 people. The Ministry has stressed that in the last year unemployment among young people under 25 has dropped by 32,317 people, or 6.6%.

The foreign population cut its number of unemployed in the fifth month of the year, registering 23,476 fewer unemployed than in April (-3.8%). In total, at the end of last month the number of unemployed foreigners totalled 589,111, which represents a decrease of 37,286 unemployed (-5.9%) over May 2012.

In May, unemployment fell in 16 regions, especially in Andalusia , where it fell by 26,529 people, Catalonia (-14,829) and Valencia (-10,671). The only areas recording a rise in unemployment were the Canary Islands, which registered 538 more unemployed, plus the two autonomous cities of Ceuta (+94) and Melilla (+192).

By provinces, El Mundo reported that unemployment fell in 47 of them, especially in Barcelona (-8,655 people), Madrid (-8,470) and the Balearic Islands (-7,917), and rose in the remaining five, mostly in Las Palmas (309) and Tenerife (229).

1,283,261 contracts were registered in the Employment offices in May, representing an increase of 36,160, or 2.9%, over the same month of 2012. Of the contracts made in the fifth month of the year, 95,856 were permanent, equivalent to 7.5% of the total, which represents a decrease of 30,633 contracts, or 24.2% less than in the same month of 2012.

Also in May, following the implementation of the labour reform, 7,220 contracts of support for entrepreneurs were registered in the Employment offices.