More Than 100,000 Energy Certificates Registered Since June

August 26th, 2013

Since the energy certification regulations came into force on 1st June, more than 100,000 properties have already obtained their energy efficiency label, estimates

The energy certification company reiterates that this label must by law appear in any advertising or promotion of any homes or premises for sale or rent, and is the summary of the certificate of energy efficiency which is issued by a certified technician after visiting the property. Once issued, this report should be incorporated into the relevant records of each region. data indicates that the regions registering the highest number of certificates this summer have been Catalonia, with nearly 50,000 properties registered, and Madrid, with more than 34,500.

“It’s the capitals and coastal locations which have certified most properties since the entry into force of the legislation,” said the company in a statement.

According to El Mundo, the company highlighted that 4,000 certificates had been registered in the Balearic Islands, 4,500 in Asturias, 2,500 in Navarra, about 1,500 in both Galicia and Castilla la Mancha, 1,200 in La Rioja and 800 in Extremadura. However they stressed that “it is quite possible that the number of properties certified is greater than the number registered to date”, and added that “many owners have not yet registered their certificates for reasons ranging from ignorance of their obligation to do so, difficulties with some registration processes or even the absence of the same”.


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