Russia Becomes Third Foreign Market for Spanish Hotel Stays

The boom in Russian tourism has become a bonanza for Spain. The overnight stays of citizens of this country have grown by 14% so far this year and have already reached 1.8 million, overtaking France to become the third overseas market for hotel stays, although far from the figures for the United Kingdom and Germany. It now accounts for 7.29% of the market.

Thanks to this boost in foreign interest, hotel bookings rose by 0.5% in July and accumulated three consecutive months of increases, compared to 2012, although, according to data released on Friday by the National Statistics Institute, the figures for the full year fell by 0.2%.

Taking only the data for those not resident in Spain, the figures improve significantly: overnight stays by residents fell by 1.4% while those of foreigners grew by the same percentage. In total, 37.6 million overnight stays were registered in July.

Prices, meanwhile, increased by 1% compared with last year. Hotels took in 52.8 euros per available room (+2.1%), and invoiced an average of 79.2 euros per occupied room, 1.7% more than last year.

In July the occupancy rate reached 65.3% of all available rooms, a figure equal to that estimated in July 2012. The weekend occupancy rate rose by 0.1% to stand at 70.1%.

Cinco Dias reported that visitors from the United Kingdom and Germany accounted for 26.4% and 23.0%, respectively, of the total nights spent in hotels by non-residents in July. The UK market experienced an annual increase of 2.6%, while the German market fell by 2.9%.

By region, the Balearic Islands was the main destination for foreign visitors to Spain, which rose by 0.5% compared to June 2012. Catalonia came next, with a year-on-year increase of 6.7%, then the Canary Islands, with growth of 5.9%.