Spain, Second EU Country Where Employment Fell Most in Q2

September 19th, 2013

According to data released on Friday by the European Commission’s statistics office, Eurostat, Spain was the second country in the European Union (EU) where employment fell most during the second quarter of this year.

The number of people employed fell by 0.5% over the previous quarter, second only to Cyprus, where employment fell by 2.1%. In the whole of the EU employment remained stable over the previous quarter, while among the eurozone countries it fell by 0.1%.

In addition to the declines registered in Cyprus and Spain, in the same period, employment also fell by 0.4% in the Netherlands, Slovenia and Slovakia. Meanwhile, the member states in which, on a quarterly basis, the largest increases in employment were registered, were Estonia (1.5%), Lithuania and Portugal (both with 0.8%) and Luxembourg (0.7%).

Year-on-year, employment fell by 1% in the eurozone and 0.4% in the EU, (excluding Croatia, which joined the EU in July).

The largest declines in employment, year-on-year, were registered in Cyprus (6.1%), Greece (4.3%), Spain (3.7%) and Portugal (4%), while the largest increases were registered for Malta (3.6%), Estonia (3%), Luxembourg (1.7%) and the Czech Republic (1.3%).

By Sector

Employment improved in the eurozone by 1.5% in the primary sector (agriculture, livestock and fisheries) over the previous quarter, but fell by 0.1% in the EU.

The construction sector experienced the greatest drop in employment in this period, in both the EU and the eurozone, falling by 1.2% and 0.9%, respectively.

Employment also fell in this period in the industrial sector (0.3% in both the EU and the eurozone), in manufacturing (0.3% in the eurozone and 0.4% in the EU), and in transport, trade and catering (0.1% in the eurozone and 0.3% in the EU).

Year-on-year, the data highlighted the decline in employment in the construction sector, which fell by 6.3% in the eurozone and by 4.5% in the EU.

El Mundo reported that, compared with the previous year, the downward trend is maintained in both the eurozone and the EU countries, in the primary sector (by 1.5% and 1.1%, respectively), in industry (1.5% and 1.1%), in manufacturing (1.5% and 1.2%) and in transport and catering (1.1% and 0.8%).


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