Non-EU Tourists Spent 100 Million Euros Shopping in Málaga Last Year

January 17th, 2014

planeAccording to the study ‘Spain, No. 1 Destination Worldwide for Shopping’, carried out by the shopping tourism consulting firm, Global Blue, non-EU tourists spent nearly 100 million euros shopping in Spain’s Málaga province between September 2012 and October 2013, which accounts for about nine percent of all purchases made by these visitors, which totalled 1,100 million euros.

The report noted that in Marbella-Puerto Banus, over 25 million transactions were made by 77 million tourists not belonging to the European Union, and who requested a VAT refund.

Substantial growth was also recorded in areas which are considered to be the two most important for shopping tourism in Spain: with an increase of 27 percent in Marbella-Puerto Banus in the last year, and an increase in Madrid of 12 percent.

The Málaga-Costa del Sol Tourism Board president, Elías Bendodo, highlighted the relevance of the Costa del Sol within the tourist segment, and stressed that Marbella is the second Spanish city with the highest national share in the sale of luxury products and services. In fact, in 2013 Marbella accounted for 25 percent of all domestic sales, according to the Spanish Association Luxury Spain.

Chinese and Russian Tourists Spent Most

The Global Blue study also revealed that Chinese tourists spent the most on shopping, with 26 percent of the global share, followed by the Russians (17 percent), Indonesians and Americans (four percent), Japanese and Thais (three percent) and Saudis (two percent).

The company, which has its headquarters in Switzerland, also noted that the non-EU spending in the seven main European cities – London, Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Munich, Vienna and Milan – amounted to 13,500 million euros.

Diario Sur reported that, according to Global Blue’s calculations, for every euro a European tourist spends, a non-EU tourist spends four, although in the whole of their trip they may spend at least 10 times more.


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