€840m to be Won in Second Holiday Lottery

El Niño LotteryAfter the huge amount of excitement and winners in Spain’s ‘El Gordo’ Christmas lottery, on the 6th of January there is a second holiday lottery draw called El Niño – which is allocated a huge 840 million euros in prize money.

The draw consists of 60 sets of 100,000 tickets each at a price of 200 euros a ticket, one tenth of a ticket can be bought for 20 euros. The first prize is two million euros per set of tickets (or 200,000€ per tenth of a ticket) and means there will be sixty 2 million euro prizes awarded. The second prize is one million euros and there are twelve awards of 14,000 euros.

The history of this lottery is difficult to determine but was given the title of El Nino in 1966. However, the lottery existed well before 1966 and was institutionalized in 1941, with tickets costing just 15 pesetas. Like the main Christmas draw, the lottery is intended to distribute the winnings between as many as possible rather than just one big winner.