Website Owners Fight Controversial Spanish Censorship Laws

This morning, officials from the website “La Lista de Sinde” presented the Ministry of Industry a list in which 1174 websites have pleaded themselves guilty in enabling downloads from their domain.

The website is the culmination of an initiative that was created in the wake of controversy surrounding the government’s Sustainable Economy Act, and in particular new laws enabling websites to be shut down without trial for enabling the sharing of information.

The sardonic list, represented by the website owners on behalf of the 1174 site owners, is a response to a list presented by the Coalition of Creators to the Ministry of Culture regarding 200 web sites that were then censored. The 200 “incriminated sites” are alleged to have enabled the exchange of files through the integration of a download search.

In the words of the creators of “La Lista de Sinde”, the campaign is “in response to the Government’s intention to create a censorship committee within the Ministry of Culture, with the authority to close and block websites without the guarantee of a judicial trial.

The list presented this morning at the Ministry of Industry includes websites where the owner has offered their own site in support of the campaign by placing a special download search form on their site and then pleading themselves guilty of enabling the exchange of files through the integration of the search feature.

The hope of the website is to bombard the Government with as many websites as possible that should also censored, in what they say would for the same reason: the sharing of culture. A spokesman said “Up to now, a fair trial by a judge has been a right, but if the government gets to close and block websites without trial, all ours will have to go too.”