9 Year Old Boy Dies in Ciudad Real Floods

FloodsA boy of nine died after his family’s car was swept away in a flood following torrential rain in southern Spain.

The child became trapped in the car as it was engulfed by swirling waters in a flash flood near the village of Almodovar del Campo near Ciudad Real.

His father and 16-year-old brother were able to escape the vehicle before it was washed into the river Alcudia which burst its banks on Tuesday evening.

Rescue teams recovered the child’s body in undergrowth on a riverbank less than a mile from where the car was engulfed in water. The family, believed to be from Barcelona, have not been named.

It was the second death caused by severe storms that have lashed much of southern Spain and Portugal since Saturday. A 31-year-old man died when his television exploded after it was struck by lightning in a remote farmhouse in Arroyo del Ojanco in Andalucia.

Some 3,000 homes have been evacuated in and around Ecija in Andalucia after the river Genil burst its banks flooding 30 per cent of the historic town.

AEMET, the Spanish Meteorological Agency, has put the South West of Spain on high alert as more heavy rain is forecast for Andalucia and Extremadura today. www.telegraph.co.uk