Greenpeace Protest at Valencia Nuclear Plant

Nuclear SiteGreenpeace Spain activists climbed one of the cooling towers Tuesday at the Cofrentes nuclear power plant near the Mediterranean city of Valencia to demand the facility’s closing.

The environmentalists wrote the word “Peligro” (Danger) on the tower, which they climbed after entering the complex in the early morning hours, plant operator Iberdrola said.

The protest was staged to demand the shutdown of the aging plant, and the score of activists who entered the facility plan to “continue working” despite the presence of police, Greenpeace representatives told Efe.

The eight environmental activists who climbed the cooling tower “are doing good” and “have set up a small camp with tarps to protect themselves from the rain” while they finish painting their message, Greenpeace representatives said.

Police and security personnel at the complex in Valencia “have taken control of the situation” and the power plant “continues operating under stable conditions and with all safety systems working,” Iberdrola said in a statement.

Greenpeace wants to draw attention to alleged safety problems at the plant, which entered operation in 1984.

Plant managers are awaiting a report from the Nuclear Safety Council and the green light from the Industry, Tourism and Trade Ministry to continue operator. From foxnews.