Foreign Tourists Spent Nearly 47,000 Million Euros to October

International tourists visiting Spain spent 46,955 million euros between January and October, representing a 8.4% increase, according to figures from the Tourism Expenditure Survey (Egatur) from the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade published last Monday.

The average expenditure per tourist stood at 924 euros in the first ten months, 0.3% higher than the same period in 2010, while the average daily spending rose by 3.7% to 101 euros.

In October, foreign tourists’ spending increased by 9.8% to 4,713 million euros, which is 420 million euros more than the figure recorded for the same month last year. In the previous month the average daily expenditure increased by 12.4% to 108 euros, while the average expenditure per tourist increased 1.5% to 910 euros.

UK and German tourists led the total spending for the first ten months with 9,476 million euros, (a 2.4% increase), and 7,746 million euros (1.8% more) respectively, as reported in Cinco Dias.

Catalonia, with 21.7% of the total expenditure and growth of 8.6%, was in first place in the list of popular destination regions to October.

Tourists from Scandinavia and France were those who most increased their spending, with increases of 14% and 11.7% respectively.