Eurozone Unemployment at 10.3% in November

Unemployment in the eurozone during the month of November remained at the 10.3% it reached in October, with Spain again in the lead with an unemployment rate of 22.9%, which is two-tenths more than in the previous month, according to Eurostat.

In the European Union (EU) as a whole, Cinco Dias reported that the unemployment rate stood at 9.8% in November, the same as the previous month, and one-tenth more than in September, when it stood at 9.7%.
Compared with the same month of the previous year, the unemployment rate rose three-tenths in the eurozone, and two-tenths over the whole of the European Union.

The European statistical agency estimates that 23,674 million people were out of work in November in the EU, of which 16,372 million were in the eurozone, which represented a monthly increase of 55,000 unemployed in the whole of the EU and 45,000 in the eurozone. Compared to November 2010, the number of unemployed in the EU rose by 723,000 people and by 587,000 in the eurozone.

Among the Member States for which data was available, the lowest unemployment rates were recorded in Austria (4%) and Luxembourg and the Netherlands, both with 4.9%, while the highest were those of Spain (22.9%), Greece (18.8% in September 2011) and Lithuania (15.3% in the third quarter of 2011).

The male unemployment rate rose two-tenths in November in the eurozone, to 10%, and two-tenths in the EU as a whole, to 9.7%, while female unemployment rose four-tenths over the EU27 (to 10.7%), and three-tenths in the eurozone, up to 10%.

Likewise, the unemployment rate among under 25 year olds rose to 21.7% in the eurozone, compared to 21.4% the previous month, while in the whole of the EU it stood at 22.3%, which is three-tenths more than in October.

In all three categories Spain again recorded the highest unemployment figures in November with 49.6% unemployment among young people, seven-tenths more than in October, while male unemployment increased by three-tenths to 22.8% and female unemployment stood at 23%.