Hotel Occupancy Down in April Despite Easter

According to the latest data from the National Statistics Institute, Spanish hotels only had a 49.9% occupancy rate in April, which was 5.6% less than the same period of 2011, and despite the fact that this year Easter was celebrated in this month.

In total there were 21.5 million overnight stays in hotels, a drop of 4.8% over the same month of 2011. “This drop in overnight stays refers to both residents (-5%) and non-residents (-4.6%),” said the Institute.

German and British travellers accounted for 24.6% and 20.8%, respectively, of the total foreigners’ overnight stays in April. Both these markets recorded declines, each falling 9.3% and 6.8% respectively.

The average length of stay in hotels consequently continued the downward trend with overnight stays falling by 2.1% between January and April compared to the first quarter of 2011.

The average length of stay fell by 0.9% over the same month of 2011, which represented three nights per visitor.

Meanwhile, El Mundo reported that hotel prices dropped 0.1% in April. The revenue per occupied room reached 68.1 euros and revenue per available room stood at 36.8 euros.

“The main destination chosen by non-residents is the Canary Islands,” said the National Statistics Institute. However, the overnight stays of foreigners in this community decreased by 10.1% compared to April 2011. This was followed by Catalonia, which experienced a decline of 2.5%, and the Balearic Islands, with a drop of 3.8%.

Andalusia, Catalonia and Valencia were the main preferred destinations for travellers living in Spain. However, overnight stays in these destinations also fell by 3%, 4.2% and 0.3% respectively.