Tourists Spend Over 13 Billion Euros Between January and April 2012

According to the Tourist Expenditure Survey (EGATUR), drafted by the Institute for Tourism Studies of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, inbound tourists to Spain spent a total of just over 13 billion euros in the period from January to April 2012. This is 3.5% more than in the same period of last year.

Average daily spending in this period rose by 13.5% to 108 euros, while spending per tourist rose by 2.3% over the same period of last year to 951 euros.

Average daily spending by Italian tourists rose sharply, by 19%, as did spending by tourists from the Nordic Countries (up 13.2%) and Germany (up 11.1%).

By region, the largest growth in average daily spending was recorded in Valencia (up 18.6%), followed by Catalonia (up 16.1%), Andalusia (up 13.1%) and the Canary Islands (up 12.5%).

In April, tourists spent a total of just under 4 billion euros. This is 4.3% less than in the same month of 2011. The decline is due to a drop in the number of inbound tourists (down 1.7%), shorter average holidays (which also explains why the average spending per holiday fell by 2.6%) and increased average daily spending (up 12.9% to 109 euros).

When comparing these figures with the figures from April 2011, it should be pointed out that spending grew in 2011 by 22.9% due to a return to normality in European air space following the ash cloud from the Icelandic volcano, and the first tourist relocations because of the Arab Spring, among other factors.

Emitting markets

Tourists from the United Kingdom (the main emitting market) slightly increased their average daily spending in April by 0.9%, and all the autonomous regions except Catalonia received a larger volume of expenditure.

Average daily spending by German tourists rose by 19.9% due to a greater decline in average holiday length than in average spending.

From among the other emitting markets, Russia and Latin America both performed well, with strong growth in total expenditure following increased numbers of inbound tourists from these markets.

Main destinations

Catalonia was the main preferred destination in April in terms of spending, accounting for 947 million euros. This follows a positive trend leading to an increase of 11.3%.

The Region of Madrid also recorded positive figures with 9.8% growth year-on-year in total spending, due to an increased number of tourists who stayed longer.

Average daily spending in April grew in almost all the main autonomous regions. The Canary Islands recorded the largest increase in average daily spending (up 20.8%), followed by Valencia (up 11.6%), Andalusia (up 9.9%), Catalonia (up 8.5%) and Madrid (up 4.2%).

Average daily spending by those tourists who stayed in hotel accommodation rose by 5.8%, while average daily spending by those who stayed in non-hotel accommodation rose by 16%.

Average daily spending by independent travellers rose by 13.6%, while those who travelled on a package holiday spent 10.4% more on average per day.