Kyero Q2 2012 House Price Index Released

Over the last 12 months, the average asking price of Spanish property has decreased from €267K to €245 – an 8% reduction.

Sellers and their agents continue to be a little more realistic when pricing property to sell. Judging by the 65% increase in visitors and enquiries on over the last 12 months, it’s a strategy that’s working.

The Kyero Spanish house price index has just been updated to reflect the most recent asking prices of every property advertised on Download it by clicking the image below.

Properties where the freehold is not for sale are excluded. This excludes rentals, leasehold properties and fractional ownership properties.

Properties where the number of bedrooms entered is unreliable are also excluded – as are properties with unusually high or low prices. The Kyero index uses a median calculation which is more representative of a group of prices than is the more common mean calculation.

Kyero Spanish House Price Index