Foreign Social Security Contributors Down 2.76% in January

According to the latest figures from the Ministry of Employment and Social Security, the Spanish Social Security System lost 45,495 foreign contributors in January, representing a decrease of 2.76% compared to December, and putting the total number of immigrants employed at 1,600,355.

Taking into account the drop in numbers in January, foreign contributors accumulated their sixth consecutive monthly decline after the decreases experienced last year of: August (-16,517); September (-19,579); October (-26,961); November (-38,201) and December (-17,823).

Year-on-year, the number of foreign contributors to the social security system fell by 89,831, which is a drop of -5.31%, compared with the -4.59% decline registered for the system as a whole.

According to the Ministry of Employment, as noted in previous months, the data shows that foreign workers are still being more strongly affected by job losses than the nationals.

Out of all of the foreign social security contributors at the end of January, six out of ten were from non-EU countries (1,001,609) and the rest (598,746) came from EU member countries.

By region, El Mundo reported that just over four out of ten foreigners registered for social security in January were in Catalonia and Madrid, with 43.6% of all employed immigrants between them. Specifically, Catalonia had 351,022 foreign contributors, while in Madrid the figure was 347,571.

After these two regions came Andalusia, with 203,675 foreign affiliates, Valencia, with 173,465 employed foreigners, the Canary Islands (77,832); Murcia (77,262); Castilla-La Mancha (56,519); Aragon (53,271); the Balearic Islands (51,159); Castilla y León, with 48,964, and the Basque Country, with 48,949.

The regions with the lowest numbers of foreign social security contributors at the end of January were Galicia, with 31,600; Navarra (22,486); Asturias (13,383); La Rioja (12,998); Extremadura (12,775); Cantabria, with 10,449, and the autonomous cities of Melilla (4,159) and Ceuta (2,816).