Creation of New Companies up 11.3% in January

In January this year, 8,853 new companies were created in Spain, which is 11.3% more than in the same month of 2012, the National Statistics Institute reported on Friday. Meanwhile, the number of commercial companies dissolved in January came to 3,482, representing a drop of 12.9% compared to January last year. Of these, 78.7% did so voluntarily, 8.6% were due to mergers and the remaining 12.7% were for other reasons.

The capital subscribed for the establishment of these new companies exceeded 1,089 million euros, representing an increase of 44.3%.

The average capital subscribed (123,084 euros) represented an increase of 29.6% year-on-year. Furthermore, in January 4,764 trading companies expanded their capital in January, 7.5% less than the same month of 2012. The capital subscribed in the increases registered an increase of 205.5% year-on-year, and exceeded 23,966 million euros.

The average capital subscribed in these operations (5,030,686 euros) increased by 230.4% year-on-year. 22.2% of the companies created in January corresponded to Trade and 17.8% to Construction. Regarding the dissolved companies, 22.1% were in Construction and 20.9% in Trade.

The economic activity with the greatest net balance of all the new companies created was in Trade, with 1,237 companies. Administrative and support service activities presented the lowest net balance, with 142 companies created.

El Economista reported that in January 2013, the regions with the largest number of commercial companies created in the month were Madrid (1,782) and Catalonia (1,722).

In contrast, the regions where least commercial companies were created in the month were La Rioja and Navarra (with 42 and 91 respectively).

Regarding the number of trading companies dissolved in the month, the regions with the most were Madrid and Andalusia (with 713 and 536 respectively).

The regions which reported the least number of companies dissolved were Murcia (20) and Navarre (26).

The largest increases in new companies created, year-on-year, were recorded in Cantabria (+70.9%), Castilla y León (+38.2%) and Aragón (+33.1%). The greatest decreases were registered in the Canary Islands (-9.8%) and Galicia (-2.5%).

As for the number of companies dissolved in January, Navarre registered the highest rate increase, year-on-year (116.7%), followed by La Rioja (78.3%) and Castilla y León (62.1%). Meanwhile, the Balearic Islands registered the greatest decrease, year-on-year (-21.9%).