60% of Spanish Companies Plan to Hire Staff This Year

Six out of ten Spanish companies say that they plan to hire staff this year, a percentage which is below that of countries like the United Kingdom and Germany, where 90% of companies plan to recruit, and of the Netherlands and France, where more than eight out of ten companies plan to increase their workforce this year.

These were the results of a study carried out by the HR company, Michael Page, based on a survey of more than 4,300 human resources managers worldwide.

Overall, the study reveals that 86% of the companies surveyed are willing to hire new employees during this year, although half of them sees it being “very difficult” or “difficult” to find good candidates.

In addition to recruitment, another challenge facing the HR managers this year is keeping their existing talent. In this respect, over 50% of those surveyed in Europe, Asia and North America, and more than 60% in Australia, New Zealand and Latin America, intend to increase the loyalty of their employees through extra training and development programs, especially in the leisure industry.

According to El Economista, in Spain, 91% of the companies questioned said they will implement measures to retain talent, with training and basic skills development being the key strategy for 57% of the managers surveyed, according to the results of this report.

In Spain, the average salary for HR directors amounted to 84,000 euros gross per year. The highest income levels are reached in Switzerland, Germany and Holland. Women account for 43% of HR managers in Spain, one of the highest rates in Europe, although only 33% of them occupies a managerial position, according to the study.