International Tourists Spent 6.5% More in January

International tourists visiting Spain spent a total of 2.83 billion euros in January 2013. This is an increase of 6.5% compared with the same month of 2012. According to the Tourist Expenditure Survey (EGATUR), drafted by the Institute for Tourism Studies of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, the average expenditure per person also increased by 88 euros, and the average daily expenditure rose by an additional 10 euros, compared with January 2012.

France (with an increase of 32.6%) and the Nordic countries (with year-on-year growth of 18%) were the markets that contributed most to the growth recorded in tourist expenditure in January. However, spending by German tourists fell by 3.9% while spending by British tourists rose by just 2.3%.

The regions of Catalonia and Valencia benefited the most from the rise in spending by international tourists with increases of +12.9% and +26.1%, respectively.

Germany accounted for the largest percentage of total spending by international tourists (445 million euros or 15.8% of the total), even though spending by German tourists fell by 3.9% when compared with January 2012. Valencia and Madrid posted the largest declines in spending. However, the average spend per person and the average daily spend both rose, to 1,089 euros and 99 euros, respectively.

The average expenditure of British tourists increased by 2.3%. This increase was most felt in the region of Valencia.

Spending by tourists from the Nordic countries rose by 18% to 405 million euros. The largest impact of this increase in spending was felt in the Canary Islands.

The French market posted the largest increase in spending (up 32.6%), thus recording three consecutive months of growth. Catalonia was the main beneficiary of this growth.

However, spending by Italian tourists fell by 37.8% due to the drop in tourists arrivals in the month of almost 30%. This was particularly felt in Catalonia and Madrid.

The Canary Islands was the destination posting the largest volume of tourist expenditure; 1.02 billion euros and an increase of 3.4% when compared with January 2012. Tourists from the Nordic countries were the main contributors to this increase.

Catalonia recorded the second-largest volume of expenditure by international tourists in January (570 million euros). Spending rose by almost 13%, with French tourists and those from the distant markets making the largest contribution to this increase.

With 349 million euros, the region of Madrid posted a 6.6% increase in spending in January. Spending by tourists from Latin America was mostly responsible for this growth. The average expenditure per person (1,122 euros) and the average daily expenditure (137 euros) in Madrid also recorded significant growth.

Andalusia also posted growth, most noticeably in spending by tourists from the United Kingdom, France and the distant markets.

The region of Valencia posted the largest percentage increase in tourist expenditure in January 2013, when compared with the same month of the previous year (26.1%), and a total expenditure of 240 million euros. France and the United Kingdom were the two markets most responsible for this result.

In the Balearic Islands spending grew by 10.7% to a total of 105 million euros. French tourists and those from the ‘Rest of Europe’ posted significantly positive results.

In January, spending by tourists who opted for hotel accommodation rose by 10.4% while spending associated with non-hotel accommodation rose by 1.3%.

Spending by tourists who travelled on a package holiday increased by 9.2% while those who travelled independently spent 5.3% more.