Spain Second for Construction Activity in Europe

According to the most recent report by the EU statistical office, Eurostat, the heart of the construction sector in Spain is beating once again, with national production in this sector growing by 4.1% in June compared with the same month in 2012. This percentage places Spain as the second most active in this sector in the eurozone, surpassed only by Hungary (12.5%) and ahead of Sweden (3.1%).

This positive percentage for Spain consolidates the good data from May, when Spain led the European ranking month-on-month (4.4%).

At the other end, year-on-year, the largest decreases in the month of June for production in construction, were in Poland (16.3%), Portugal (12%), Slovakia (10.7%) and the Czech Republic (9.8%).

El Mundo reported that in the eurozone as a whole, production in construction during the sixth month of the year fell by 3% year-on-year, while in the countries of the European Union (EU) it fell by 1.5%.

In both areas the decline was concentrated on the construction of buildings, which fell by 3.1% in the eurozone and by 1.2% in the EU, year-on-year; while civil engineering production decreased by 3% and 2.5%, respectively.

Month-on-month (June compared to May), production in the construction sector grew in June by 0.7% in the eurozone and by 0.8% in the European Union. In May, the sector registered an increase in production of 0.5% in the eurozone and 0.3% in the EU.

The improvement was driven by the increase in building construction, of 0.3% in the eurozone and by 0.5% in the EU countries; and in civil engineering production, by 1.3% in the eurozone countries and 1.5% in the whole of the EU.

The countries registering the greatest increases in production were Slovenia (10.5%), Poland (5.3%), Germany (1.6%) and the Czech Republic (1.3%), while those who had more marked declines were Romania (2.4%), Portugal (2.2%) and Sweden (0.9%). In Spain, France and Hungary construction activity remained stable in June compared to May.