Employment in Spain Fell by 0.4% in Q3

employmentThe number of people employed in Spain fell by 0.4% in the third quarter of 2013 compared to the previous three months, when it had dropped by five tenths, according to the European Commission statistics office, Eurostat, which highlighted that employment in both the eurozone and in the whole of the EU remained stable for the second consecutive month.

The data provided by the European statistical agency indicate that a total of 223.2 million people were in employment in the EU in the third quarter of the year, of which 145 million were in the eurozone.

By country, the largest increases in employment in the third quarter were recorded in Portugal (+1.2%), Ireland (+1.1%), the United Kingdom (+0.6%) and Luxembourg (+0.5%).

In contrast, the most significant declines in employment were recorded in Estonia and Lithuania (both -1.5%), Cyprus (-1.4%), Finland (-1.2%) and Greece (-0.7%).

In annual terms, employment in Spain fell by 2.9%, year-on-year, the same percentage as in Greece and the second largest in the EU after Cyprus (-6%).

El Economista reported that in the whole of the eurozone, employment dropped by eight tenths compared to a year ago, less than the second quarter figure of 1.1%, while in the European Union it fell by three tenths, after two quarters registering a year-on-year decrease of 0.6%.