Hotel Stays Increased by 8.6% in November

hotelThe number of overnight stays in Spanish hotels exceeded 15 million in November, which is a rise of 8.6% over the same month in 2012, and the seventh consecutive month of increases, according to data released on Monday by the National Institute of Statistics. The increase was supported by the increase in overnight stays by Spanish residents of 12.7% (to 6.18 million) and stays by non-residents increasing by 5.9% (to 8.85 million).

During the first eleven months of the year, overnight stays increased by 1.6% over the same period of last year. The average stay rose by 1.5% compared to November 2012, reaching 3 nights per visitor, while hotel prices fell by 0.6%.

Hotels earned an average of 35.3 euros per available room, up 8.5%, and invoiced an average of 69.6 euros per occupied room, down 0.2%. By category, the average turnover was 147.7 euros for five-star hotels, 75.3 euros for four-star, and 52.3 euros for three-star.

Diario Sur reported that 44.4% of the available places were filled in November, representing an increase of 8.9% year-on-year, while the weekend occupancy rate rose by 8.8% and stood at 50.8%. The Canary Islands had the highest occupancy rate during November (75.7%), followed by Madrid (46.5%) and Valencia (45.4%).

Andalusia, Madrid, Valencia and Catalonia were the main destinations for Spanish resident travellers in November, with increases of 15.2%, 9.8%, 23.4% and 8.3%, respectively, while the main destination for non-resident travellers was the Canary Islands, with 52.9% of the overnight stays and an increase of 10.7% over November 2012.

Travellers from Germany and the UK accounted for 23.7% and 22%, respectively, of the total overnight stays by foreign travellers in Spanish hotels in November, with increases of 2.7% in the German market and 7.8% in the British. Overnight stays by travellers from Sweden and Italy (the third and fifth source markets) rose by 11.6% and 3.3%, respectively, while French overnight stays (fourth market) decreased by 14.3%.