Madrid’s Salamanca District Most Expensive in Spain

salamancaThe Salamanca district in Madrid, and Sarria-Sant Gervasi, in Barcelona, are the most expensive areas in Spain in which to live, according to a study by real estate search portal,, which analyses the price per square metre in the main Spanish cities. These aforementioned zones exceed 3,700 euros per square metre and although the crisis has left its mark, it has been much less profoundly felt than in other parts of the country.

El Mundo reported that, according to the study, the Salamanca district of Madrid is the most expensive to live in in Spain, with an average price per square metre area of 3,756 euros. This area of the capital has also become one of the main strongholds for luxury brands, which are located in the so-called Golden Mile, around the streets of Ortega and Gasset, Serrano and Claudio Coello. Other expensive districts in the Spanish capital after Salamanca are Chamberí (3,516 euros per square metre) and Chamartin (with 3,470 euros).

In Barcelona, the district of Sarria-Sant Gervasi is in second place of the most expensive areas to live, with a price per square metre of around 3,733 euros, although unlike its Madrid counterpart, Sarria-Sant Gervasi is not a central zone, but two old small villages on the outskirts of Barcelona that were annexed to the city in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century, and which are now the most luxurious neighbourhoods with large green areas, private schools, and streets where old mansions of the Catalan bourgeoisie coexist with modern apartment blocks.

Districts of Barcelona such as Les Corts (3,310 euros per square metre) or l’Eixample (3,233 euros) are at the top of the most expensive areas in terms of housing, while districts like Abando (in Bilbao), Miramar Ondarreta (in San Sebastián), the Pla del Real (in Valencia) or Nervión (in Seville), complete the list of the most expensive areas in the main Spanish cities, all of them exceeding 3,000 euros per square metre.