Spain Now has Smaller Families and More Childless Couples

coupleThe number of Spanish households consisting of couples with three or more children, has declined by 32.8% in a decade (2001-2011) to a total of only 573,732, while households made up of couples with no children have increased by 45.1% and now reaches four million. Thus, the average Spanish household consists of 2.58 persons, compared to 2.86 ten years ago, while the number of single-person households has grown by 1.3 million to 4,193,319, representing 9% of the population.

In addition, of these 4.1 million single-person households, 1.7 million are people over 65 years of age who live alone – a group that has grown by 25.8% in a decade – and three out of four are women.

These are some of the data contained in the 2011 Population and Housing Census, conducted every ten years by the National Statistics Institute, published last week. Households composed of two persons account for 23.4% of the population, while those with three persons make up 25.2%, and households with four persons are the most numerous, accounting for 28.8% of the population.