Alhambra Reports Best Year for Tourism

alhambraThe Alhambra Palace, in the Spanish province of Granada, had its best year for tourism in 2013, receiving 2.3 million visitors, which is a 2.42% increase over the figures of 2012. It remains the most visited monument of Spain and Andalusia’s main attraction, and grossed around 27 million euros. Adding educational and cultural activity, with people who visited the Nazari Palace, and temporary exhibitions, the number of visitors reached 3.2 million.

As for overnight stays, the report specifies two categories: individual visitors, of which 80.35% are tourists, 15.86% travellers and 2.76% residents, and visitors groups, of which 69.13% are tourists, 28.04% travellers and 0.79% residents. Thus, 1,145,393 individual tourists stayed in Granada overnight in the capital and 34,594 in the province, while tourists travelling in groups accounted for 4.96% of the overnight stays.

On the profile of visitors to the Alhambra, the study indicates that 61% of the individual tourists come from Spain (850,000 – of which 42,160 are from Granada, 179,945 from other Andalusian provinces and 627,895 from the rest of Spain) are aged between 26 and 50 years old, college educated and with skilled employment, while 31% of the visitors in groups comes from the European Union, 52% of whom are over 50 years old, with a higher education, and 28% are retired or pensioners. The study also noted a significant increase in tourism in the groups coming from the United States.