Foreign Social Security Contributors Up 0.09% in June

Foreign contributors to the Spanish Social Security system amounted to a total of 1,609,677 persons in June, representing an increase of 0.09% over the previous month, according to data published last week by the Ministry of Employment and Social Security.

Compared to May, the number of foreign citizens contributing to the Spanish social security system increased by 1,456.

Month-on-month the regions showing the highest increases in foreign contributors were the Balearic Islands, Castilla-La Mancha, Extremadura and Aragón (with 9.61%, 8.72%, 8.59% and 8.4% respectively), followed by Catalonia (2.74%) and Asturias (1.67%). In contrast, the largest decreases month-on-month were registered in Andalucía (-10.3%), Murcia (-4.47%), La Rioja (-3.68%) and Valencia (-1.48%).

Year-on-year the number of foreign affiliates decreased by 1.96% compared to the figure recorded in June 2013.

El Economista reported that the majority of these foreign contributors (959,058) came from outside the European Union (EU), while 650,619 were from EU countries.

Romania topped the rankings, with 276,701 social security contributors, followed by Morocco (191,113), China (90,579) and Ecuador (78,277). Of the total of 1,609,677 foreign affiliates in June, 859,534 were men and 750,143 women.

Most of the foreign contributors (1,367,070) were registered to the General Regime (which included 192,244 registered in the Special Agricultural System, and 215,809 in the special system for domestic workers), while there were 237,840 foreign contributors in the special regime for self-employed workers, 4,469 in the Special Regime for Seamen, and 297 in the Special Regime for Coal Workers.

Catalonia is the region with the highest average number of foreign contributors, with 371,457, followed by Madrid, with 331,035, then Andalusia and Valencia with 189,049 and 165,542 contributors, respectively.