Spain Has Highest Percentage of Apartment Dwellers in the EU

According to the latest data from the European Commission statistics office, Eurostat, Spain heads the ranking of European Union (EU) countries where the highest percentage of the population lives in apartments, with some 66.5% of the Spanish population living in apartments compared to 33.1% who live in a house. Eurostat’s data highlighted the difference when compared to other neighbouring countries. In France, for example, seven out of 10 of the population live in a house, while three out of 10 live in apartments.

The difference is even greater when looking at figures for the United Kingdom. In the UK, 84.7% of the population live in houses compared to 14.4% who live in apartments. The countries closest to Spain, in terms of the percentages of their population who live in apartments, are Latvia (65.1%), followed by Lithuania (58.4%) and Greece (56.9%).

El Mundo reported that the average percentage for the EU countries is also significantly different to Spain, with six out of 10 Europeans living in a house, and four out of 10 living in an apartment, which is more than 2.5 points less that the Spanish percentage.

Figures from the Eurostat study, based on data for 2014, also reveal that Spain is still very much a nation of home owners, with nearly eight out of every 10 Spaniards (78.8%) owning the property in which they live, which is 8.7% more than the European average, while in contrast, with regard to those living in rented housing, only some 21.2% of the Spanish live in this type of accommodation compared with the EU average of 29.9%.