Construction Activity in Spain Fell by 2.4% in April

According to the latest figures from the European Commission statistics Office, Eurostat, activity in the construction sector in Spain registered a decline of 2.4% in April, compared to March, and represents the largest month-on-month decline among all the countries that make up the eurozone. Year-on-year, Spain’s construction sector production fell by 6%, which was also the greatest decline registered of the eurozone countries for which data were available.

Eurozone construction sector activity fell by 0.2% in April, compared to March, as a result of a 0.4% decrease in the construction of buildings, and in comparison with April 2015, construction sector activity in the eurozone registered a decline of 0.4%.

In the European Union as a whole, construction sector activity grew by 0.4% in April, compared to the previous month, while in year-on-year terms it declined by 1.5%.

El Economista reported that, among the countries of the EU, the greatest month-on-month increases in construction were registered for Romania (5.8%), Sweden (5.4%) and the United Kingdom (3%), while the greatest declines were those recorded in the Czech Republic (-3.3%), Spain (-2.4%) and Bulgaria (-2.1%).

Year-on-year, the greatest growth in construction activity was recorded in Romania (12.8%), followed by Sweden (8.7%) and the Netherlands (6.2%). In contrast, the greatest declines in the sector’s activity were registered in Slovenia (-31.2%), Hungary (-29,8%), Poland (-15.9%) and the Czech Republic (-15.2%).